Airlie Beach Top 10 Things To Do

Top 10 Things to Do in Airlie Beach, Australia

  1. Book your sailing or diving trips once you get here.
    A range of boats and sailing tours leave everyday from the port in Airlie Beach and you would be crazy not to take this opportunity. You’ll get a choice of everything from 2 night budget friendly trips to special honeymoon sailing or a privately chartered yacht. Talk it up with the locals or fellow travellers before you decide on what operator to go with. Ask for a discount if it’s not the busy season.
  2. Check out the Saturday markets
    These markets are famous for their arts, crafts and fresh tropical fruits. Try something new.
  3. Go to Cedar Creek Falls
    Follow Conrad road out of Airlie and over to this stunning waterfall, complete with tropical water pools perfect for swimming. Take a picnic and spend the entire afternoon here.
  4. Tan at Airlie Beach Lagoon.
    No stingers here… Boys and girls come here in their board shorts and bikinis.. There a few BBQ’s around the place for you and your new mates so this is a great place to kick back and take it all in. The best things in life really are free… Except for the steaks and 6 pack…. They’re not free.
  5. Eat and Drink on the Esplanade
    Mosy on down to “Eat Street”.. Good food, good views and freshly squeezed cocktails.. Hooray!!
  6. Beat the hangover with a 28 km hike.
    The Whitsunday Great Walk will reward you with a truly spectacular view. If you leave early, you can do it all in one day. If a leisurely walk is more your style then you can camp the night at one of the campgrounds along the way.
  7. Camping at Whitehaven Beach
    Even though there is at least 10 super awesome things to do around Airlie, there is only really two things that backpackers talk about here- Jack Johnson and Whitehaven beach. Picture this… Clear azure waters, green rolling hilltops and powdery soft pure white sand. This is one of the most breathtaking spots in Australia and indeed the world.. But to answer your question… Yes you may bring your iPod.
  8. Sea Kayaking.
    See the local tour shops for details.. Half day, full day and custom tours available.
  9. Go Skydiving
    Just imagine skydiving over the Whitsundays. The ultimate rush and the ultimate view.
  10. Hire a Jet ski
    Last but not least- Eco jet safaris is just out of town and wont disappoint if you can spare the dollars.. Aussie dollars that is, not Thai baht.. Stop reminiscing:)

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