Business Network Solutions For Small Businesses

Business Network Solutions is an automated network solution that allows any business to create its own networking event that can create networks for employees, customers and partners. You can create event networks in a fraction of the time it takes to start a business network in Microsoft Project or Acrobat.

Business Network Solutions has done all the hard work for you. The first step is selecting an event platform. The Event Platform is your interface to the entire platform and is the core of your project.

The Event Platform is a set of XML files that represent the user events. They are necessary to make the creation and management of an event complete. The XML files can be viewed as a series of tables of event data fields. This will allow users to navigate through the Event Platform data fields to create the event.

Event Creation Data Fields is using to create the event itself. Each type of event has its own data fields which give you complete control over the event and to create specific fields. An example would be the Customer Visitor’s Information which is a field that can be used to generate information about customers who visit the website and their contact information.

Global Distribution Capability is required by many of the businesses and can be a great help. The Global Distribution Capability is a module that allows users to expand the number of people and products that can be added to an event. Many of the Events are limited to local only so the Global Distribution Capability module can allow events to include nationwide. You may be able to host events to include more than 100 people or products.

Event Management is a module that will allow the users to manage the events. There are four different categories that need to be defined to start the event with Event Management. Users will also be able to set the number of people to add to the event.

The Event Creation Processes is a group of events that a person will use when they are creating a new event. These events will include the title of the event, date, time and location. You may need to include some fields such as URL, Title of Article, Name of Organization, or Keywords that are used in the article content.

Business Network Solutions helps you get started with an event quickly and easily. The Event Creation Processes and Event Management will help any business to manage its events. You can be on your way to having an event complete in a fraction of the time it takes to start a business network in Microsoft Project or Acrobat.

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