iPhone Screen Repair – Easy Steps to Fixing Your Own Screen

Everyone’s heard of iPhone screen repair and many have tried it. But if you’ve ever wondered how to fix your own iPhone screen, you’re not alone. It can be difficult and frustrating to repair your own screen yourself, but there are ways that you can do it.

Install iPhone Unlocker and Program to Unlock Your Phone. What if you could unlock your phone without destroying the warranty? Thanks to iPhones unlocking programs, this is now possible. Program to unlock is an iPhone app that will allow you to easily erase the lock from your phone.

Once you get your phone unlocked, make sure you back up all of your data, as well as your photos and messages. You can then restore all of the data using software on your computer. There is no need to repair the damage caused by installing an iPhone screen repair app or program.


Be Careful How Much You Use Your Phone’s Battery. If you regularly leave your phone on for a long period of time, you may find that your battery begins to sag. An indicator that this is happening is when you notice your battery indicator going down slowly.

If you have ever tried to charge your iPhone overnight, you know how draining these charges can be, especially if you use it heavily. Start charging your phone at least 2 hours before you plan to be using it.

Some of these suggestions might seem pretty simple, but they are probably best left to common sense. If you haven’t already, try and avoid using your phone for lengthy periods of time. Your battery will soon go flat.

Do Not Stress While Doing Your iPhone Screen Repair. Some people are too nervous about leaving their phones in their car, or around children, that they make all kinds of mistakes. In fact, your first iPhone screen repair might even end up saving your life, so get a good nights sleep and calm your nerves!

To begin your iPhone screen repair, your technician will be using a suction cup. Place your iPhone on the cup and place the other end into the phone’s battery cover. Press firmly on the suction cup with your fingers to get it in place.

You should be careful not to let your fingers get sticky. The next step is to look under the “eject” button to see where it is. You will find the “button” bracket. Simply lift up on the “button” using your fingers.

This part is rather easy to figure out. Once you have the bracket, use a small Phillips screwdriver to pry the screw from the inner portion of the “button” body.

Now use the suction cup to remove the bracket from the “button” body and expose the “cap”body” of the “button”. Replace the “cap”body” of the “button” with the one you removed earlier. Repeat this process until you are done, because the body is not smooth.

When you replace the “cap”body” of the “button”, you will also be installing the spring. Take a look at your iPhone in order to see which of your screens is broken. Then take the spring and push the broken one up on the “tilt” bracket, so that it slides down and plugs into the “tilt” area of the other screen.

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