How To Easily Deal With Beagle Separation Anxiety Issues

Are you having problems with your beagle every time you leave your home? Chances are you are facing separation anxiety issues. Read on to discover how to handle it and what mistakes to avoid.

Beagles don’t like to be left alone at home. Therefore, separation anxiety is a problem most beagle owners might face. Initial problems may be feeling pangs of anxiety and barking whenever you attempt to leave your home. Considering separation anxiety normal is a big mistake. Your beagle might begin to get more aggressive and may damage or bite into costly objects at home. It may resort to barking continuously for long periods of time (and beagles can bark). However, the most important thing to consider is that your beagle is suffering.

Why Beagles Get Anxious At Times
A beagle develops attachment to their owner, who is also the leader of their pack. When you make an attempt to leave the pack and move outdoors, agitation sets in. Your dog is dependent on you and just does not want you to leave.

A big mistake to avoid is to shower your beagle with attention immediately before you leave the house or after you return. In doing so you are creating a behavioral pattern that is difficult to dislodge leading to anxiety every time you depart.

Decreasing Beagle Separation Anxiety
People adopt different methods to reduce pet anxiety while they leave their homes. Some easy methods are listed below.

Preparing Your Beagle With Increasing Separation Time – Anxious dogs need reassurance you are going to return. The easiest way to train your dog is to slowly increase the time you are outdoors. For example, begin by leaving for a few minutes at the start before you return. Increase the time slowly once you notice the dog stops barking. Your beagle learns not to anticipate your return, and pangs of anxiety begin to recede. On seeing you return at different times, they are reassured you are not going to leave them forever.

Adjusting Your Daily Routine – If you move out of the house early in the day, change your routine to reduce beagle separation anxiety. You can do so by choosing different tasks to be performed. A set pattern like getting up to an alarm clock must be avoided. Changing the way you complete tasks at home before you drive off to work will make your departure unpredictable.
Stop Trying To Comfort Your Beagle When You Leave – It is very likely you may be the one missing the dog when leaving the house. It is advisable not to pet your dog when you are ready to leave. You are only confirming your absence to your beagle. Make a conscious effort to distract your pet by literally ignoring your dog for around 15 minutes or so before you depart. Pay no attention to their instinctive cries. Respond with a matter-of- fact attitude by using crate training techniques or keeping them in a separate room.

Severe beagle separation anxiety problems must be dealt with as early as possible. Your beagle is actually suffering but proper training can really help.

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